About Four Seasons Food

Four Seasons Food develops and produces foodstuffs in stand-up pouches of different sizes. As a premium producer, we use pure raw materials and ethical ingredients. These are transferred into the packaging as fresh as possible, after which the sealed pouches undergo a short heat treatment process. The flavour, texture, colour and aroma are thus optimally preserved. Characteristic of our way of working is that we develop exclusive products that are tailored to demand from our clients quickly and flexibly. We possess up-to-date knowledge of products, processes and market developments and thus produce innovative products and exciting combinations. Four Seasons Food collaborates with retailers and food service companies nationally and abroad on the development and sales of products.


Four Seasons Food is making a difference in respect of sustainability. We do that by using sustainable raw materials and adapting our production and operational processes. We continually invest in keeping our knowledge up to date.

Sustainable raw materials

Legumes are a sustainable food source. Cultivation and processing has little impact on the climate, and consumption of legumes instead of meat is highly beneficial for the environment. We help reduce wastage in the food chain by using 'aesthetically unattractive' vegetables and raw materials from waste streams.

Sustainable cultivation

Four Seasons Food believes it has a responsibility to make a maximum contribution to the sustainable cultivation of raw materials. We do that through the MSC and Beter Leven hallmarks. The organic cultivation of vegetables and crops for our (SKAL-certified) organic products contributes to a circular economy.

Use of water, energy and materials

We are working systematically to reduce our water and energy consumption. We do this by means of energy saving programmes related to transport, production and storage. Our secondary packaging is made of recycled materials.

Up-to-date knowledge

To keep our knowledge of sustainability up to date, we collaborate intensively with knowledge institutes and specialists. Four Seasons Food also offers work experience placements and graduate internships, so we work closely with educational institutions.