Four Seasons Food at PLMA 2019


World of Private Label    Amsterdam • 21-22 May 2019 

PLMA’s annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Show is organised by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 4,400 member manufacturers around the globe. With offices in New York and Amsterdam, PLMA is the largest association of its kind, devoted exclusively to the promotion of private label.

For more than thirty years, PLMA’s “World of Private Label” International Trade Show has brought retailers, wholesalers and other private label professionals together with manufacturers to help them find new products, make new contacts, and discover new ideas that will help their private label programmes succeed and grow. The expanding popularity of private label has meanwhile led to unprecedented market share worldwide. Record high market shares have been recorded in more than a dozen countries, and private label now accounts for 40% of all products sold in six European countries.

Walking the aisles of the "World of Private Label" International Trade Show, examining the displays of exhibitors, will be thousands of buyers from all over the world: supermarkets, hypermarkets, discounters, drugstores, department stores, and importers and exporters. They come looking for products ranging from low-cost alternatives to innovative premium lines, from food and household products to health and beauty. Concentrated into two days, the "World of Private Label" International Trade Show is the most efficient and productive way to source for a company’s private label needs.

Four Seasons Food is your partner to serve the consumer that wants to eat tasteful and consciously healthy within a busy daily schedule.
Their soups, sauces and pulses aim to return to nature. Four Seasons Food’s unique production process save natural bite, taste and nutrition value
and is sustainable. Resources are 80% locally sourced; using only flexible packaging they collaborate in research into recyclable packaging.

For years they fight food waste, processing high quality vegetables that are normally wasted due to their deflected form.
Four Seasons Food is unique in:
• A patented production process saving natural bite taste and nutrition value; no use of additives.
• Tailor-made products for retail, food service and industry .
• Their contribution to no-waste, circular food chains.
• Providing the experience of natural foods, ready in an instant.

Would you like more information Four Seasons
Food’s products? Please visit the website,, or get in touch via:
phone: +31 (0)88 4200260

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